Important Updates: Launch, Sailpast, Water Levels and Club status

The Club held an Executive Board meeting on April 7 and considered all the input we have received concerning COVID-19 and water levels. Advice from the City, Ontario Sailing and orders from the Province plus indications from the International Joint Commission on water levels also were included in the discussion. Bottom line, here’s where things stand:

  1. Launch will NOT happen as scheduled on May 2. We are keeping options open for a postponed launch and Amherst crane has indicated potential cooperation. We plan to provide enough notice to prep your boat.
  2. Water Levels remain a serious concern. Currently the level is higher than last year, but this month’s precipitation will tell the tale. As the level approaches the boardwalk, sufficient time will be calculated to prepare the site, fill sandbags and other provision to protect the building should the property flood. Watch the skies and keep your fingers crossed.
  3. Sailpast and all other social functions are suspended until at least June 30 following the lead of the City.
  4. Special General Meeting: The Club requires an SGM to select a Property Manager. Special thanks to Keith Willson who has assumed the role on an interim basis. You will receive notification of the meeting, a request for nominations and subsequently a ballot mechanism will be presented.

NOTE: Until further notice, the clubhouse and property are closed except for emergencies. Should you need to visit your boat for an urgent matter, please notify the executive and receive permission before you enter the property.

Security is maintained via the security service and all traffic is tracked via the security systems. Additionally, a Board member will walk the club every day and notify you if there is a reason to do so. Otherwise, all is well.

Critical work parties with limited participation and physical distancing may continue as necessary.

We will continue to communicate and, of course, remain at home to answer any questions. Email addresses are in Spar & Prop or on the website

Stay safe, take all necessary health precautions and hang in there with the TH&SC crew.

We are all in this together. 


John Morris

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