Cruising Information

Each cruise will have a food theme. A sign-up sheet with a deadline will be posted on the clubhouse bulletin board to allow the club we are visiting to prearrange berths. This also helps with a food count for all our hungry cruisers. Remember there is a limit of 15 boats per cruise. Don’t wait till the last minute to sign up. If you have to cancel please have the courtesy to contact Cruising Captain Michael Smith as early as possible Using the form below.  This is important for accurate food purchasing and it allows someone else to take your place.

For those of you that have yet to have the experience of sailing on a club cruise here are some great reasons to participate.

  • The opportunity to get to know other members of your own club.
  • The safety & camaraderie of sailing in a flotilla.
  • Interesting locales and other clubs’ facilities to experience.
  • Incredible meals and appetizers that your club provides for you.

    Contact Cruising Captains

    Visiting Club Courtesies

    Every licensed or registered boat on Lake Ontario must fly a Canadian flag from an aft position on their boat. Protocol requires the Canadian flag, or ensign, to be lowered at sunset, members are encouraged to show this respect.

    To promote pride in THSC as a sailing club, all members’ boats are encouraged to fly our club burgee. Modern sailing ships fly the burgee from a lanyard under the starboard spreader, while older sailing ships fly the burgee from the masthead. Powerboats fly it from a short staff on the bow. A burgee is flown only when the master is aboard.

    When cruising to a reciprocal club, a THSC burgee should be flown. Some clubs around Lake Ontario now require the sailing club burgee to be flown before they will honour the reciprocal.

    For the enjoyment of all members and visitors to THSC, every member should ensure that all halyards and lanyards are secured so that they are not annoyance. Halyards can be held away from the mast with the use of bungee cords or by attaching to a toe-rail.

    The use of club facilities are for the enjoyment of all members and visiting guests. Please ensure that all pets are on leashes and that you clean up after your pet.