Race Course

Marks are placed each year in early May, and removed in late September, with the permission of Ports Toronto. Locations for and magnetic courses between the marks follow (GPS Map Datum “NAD-27 Canada”):
The course consists of 9 marks, 8 of which are radially spaced on the cardinal and inter-cardinal points, approximately one nautical mile around the center mark “0”.

Download the ABYC Fixed Mark Course

Download the Compass Rose

0N 43°39.219′W 79°16.665′
1N 43°39.630′W 79°16.272′
2N 43°39.309′W 79°15.986′
3N 43°38.935′W 79°16.098′
4N 43°38.728′W 79°16.542′
5N 43°38.809′W 79°17.058′
6N 43°39.130′W 79°17.344′
7N 43°39.503′W 79°17.232′
8N 43°39.710′W 79°16.788′
  • The first leg of each race will be sailed to weather (the first mark to be sailed to is the first number posted on the Committee boat).
  • The course will be displayed prior to the warning signal. For example, a course starting at mark 4 (wind from the North): 8 6 4 8 4 8 will be posted on the Committee boat.
  • Windward Leeward courses may be set in place of the traditional Triangle Sausage.
  • The configuration of the course shall be at the discretion of the Race Committee as conditions warrant.
  • The Race Committee reserves the right to start/finish a race at any mark as conditions warrant.
  • The Race Committee will attempt to post changes on the Race Notice Board before any race. However, skippers are obliged to listen for any hail and/or watch for any signals from the Committee boat regarding course changes.
  • Failure of the Race Committee to set proper course in accordance with the foregoing instructions shall not constitute grounds of protest.
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