COVID-19 Update

Greeting isolated members. Hope this finds you safe and healthy. There’s a lot going on, so please forgive these quick bullets.

As of today

  • THSC remains closed until at least April 13 as ordered by the Province. That includes workshop and all buildings INCLUDING WASHROOMS unfortunately.
  • Work parties of five or less are attending to critical club issues with executive oversight.
  • Flooding remains a threat. Preparations are underway to deploy the aquadam in order to protect the facilities.
  • The Rear Commodore is evaluating upcoming social and on-the-water activities with recommendations to come to the Executive on Tuesday, April 7. An update will follow.
  • Alternative dates are under consideration for launch – crane availability, water levels etc. May 2 is still on the calendar but please be ready to postpone. More to come, but who knows!
  • Policy is under discussion to manage the boats of quarantined members etc.

Please respect the closure of the club, physical distancing and other appropriate behaviors. With all that is directly ahead, the Executive would prefer to avoid additional disciplinary and regulatory issues.  This is not difficult to understand so please cooperate.

Other than that, have a nice day and wash your hands.

John Morris

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